About Cove Funded

Discover the story of game changers in the prop firm world

What we represent.

At Cove, we’re more than just a company; we’re a community built on a foundation of passion for trading and a commitment for growth and trust among traders. We’ve embarked on a mission to address the industry’s shortcomings and create a platform that gives reliability and innovation.

Our journey began with a recognition of the flaws within the trading industry. Rather than turning a blind eye, we’ve embraced these challenges as opportunities to make a difference. We’re here to bridge the gap, offering solutions that not only solve problems but also inspire confidence in our Traders.

Cove Funded storyline

Founded in 2023

With Cove, our vision was clear and ambitious: to revolutionize the industry. We aimed to achieve this by offering various styles of challenges while leveraging cutting-edge technologies like TradeLocker. Our mission was to rectify the shortcomings of other prop firms, thereby setting a new standard for excellence in trading.

Dovy x Stef

As traders ourselves, especially with a wealth of experience in the prop firm industry, our journey with Cove is grounded in our intimate understanding of the intricacies of trading. Our insider perspective allows us to anticipate and address the needs of traders effectively. We’re committed to elevating Cove to new heights by aligning it precisely with the desires and expectations of traders, thus setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

The next chapter

Our vision for Cove is clear: we aspire to emerge as one of the most dependable and formidable firms in the future of trading. With unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity, we aim to set new benchmarks for reliability and strength in the industry. By continuously adapting to market dynamics and leveraging our expertise, we are dedicated to establishing Cove as a trusted partner for traders worldwide, ensuring their success and prosperity in the evolving landscape of trading.

Meet the founders

Stef Meister

I’m Stef, Co-CEO of Cove Funded. As a former swing trader, I founded this prop firm with a mission to enhance the trading experience for swing traders. Not only I’m looking out for our swing traders but we’re also dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technology to improve the industry as a whole.


I am Co-Founder and my journey in trading has been fueled by a deep desire to help others realize their dreams. For the past seven years, trading has been more than a profession—it’s been a passion project, driving me to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

At our firm, we believe in fostering a community where traders can thrive, learn, and support each other on their path to success.

Our partners

Owen Morton

Technology provider

Owen is an investor who follows his passions with an 10+ years experience in the financial markets.

Owen invests in businesses by diligently assessing opportunities, analysing the industry, and judging how the skill set of his portfolio companies can enhance the business.

Gary Mullen

Technology provider

We are pleased to provide our technology to such a forward thinking and trader centric prop firm like Cove Funded.

It is great to see the energy the founders

have for educating and creating an environment for traders to grow.